TIDE: Intuitive Reading/Written Report

TIDE: Intuitive Reading/Written Report

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Included in your purchase: A complimentary copy of my e-Guide to reconnect to YOUR intuition: "Morning Rituals"

What is unique about a written reading? This is one of my favorite ways to provide a reading as I'm able to take all the time I need alone to focus on your energy and ensure I give you all the information I receive.  It's also great for clients as they can come back to the report  again and again as needed. 

After you've completed purchase I will check in via email to get to the root of your question to prepare for the reading.  The written report will be emailed to you within a week (usually less!). 

I do not do medical, legal, physical health or third party readings.  

Have questions before you commit? No problem, let's connect! Contact me HERE

Focus: Purpose/Career/Relationships

"Kendra’s reading was insightful and reassuring, and very accurate. It was a good reminder to do what I know to do, but had forgotten. I also love that Kendra used different decks to get a really complete and resonant reading... it was timely, intuitive, accurate, and reassuring."
Helen, New Zealand

Hi! I'm Kendra and I'm an Intuitive Coach. What the heck does that mean you ask? In a nutshell, I provide intuitive reading & coaching sessions to empower YOU to make decisions for your highest good and help you navigate challenges you face. I use a holistic approach to address all aspects of you including; emotions and belief systems, behaviors, and spirituality.