VOYAGE: 1:1 Business Intensive for the Soulpreneur

VOYAGE: 1:1 Business Intensive for the Soulpreneur

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This is the deep dive for those ready to embark on a voyage to change how they approach business. 

This intimate container is tailored just for you and the challenges you face.

Together we uncover what's blocking you from embodying your whole authentic self, reconnect you to your intuition, get your nervous system on board with success and abundance, and empower you to make soul-centered choices to build the business you desire.

Clear your blocks, reconnect to YOUR intuition, and start making aligned decisions to master your business. 

We'll talk strategies and planning to get you laser-focused and on track. 

This container is flexible and uniquely tailored to YOUR goals.

We'll have an initial intake session to dive deep into EXACTLY what you want, where you are blocked, and HOW to get you where you want to go. 


  • Start with a 90 minute intake session where we cover exactly where you are

  • Followed by 4, 60-minute personalized sessions where we will cover mindset, strategy, messaging and marketing, tools, client relationships, financials, and so much more.

  • Unlimited Email and Voxer/DM support to check in between sessions as needed.

  • Exclusive content, resources, tips and recommendations.

I've spent years learning all the biz do's and don't from mentors and biz coaches so YOU don't have to.  Let's get you on the fast track to the business of your dreams!