Below is a section of a client session (shared with permission). The client has been working for several years to build a business. She was feeling like despite her best efforts she was not able to grow the business past a certain level. We explored the deeper beliefs running the show. Often a reprogramming is needed to get a client moving in the direction they want to go. All sessions start with an exploration of what is happening at a sub-conscious as well as conscious level.

Client: I feel like I’ve hit an upper limit in trying to grow my career and I can’t figure out what my block is. I WANT to do better and I take lots of action, but it’s just not happening.

Me: What is your biggest fear of career success?

Client: I don’t feel like I have any fears, I’ve worked really hard to do all the things for several years now.

Me: Take a few breaths and drop your focus back into your heart and out of the mind… close your eyes and ask internally, “what is my biggest fear around getting everything I want in my career?”

Client: The message is, “Every time I have worked really hard and built up a lot of success in previous jobs I always end up in a place where I have a false sense of safety. It feels like I’m in control and things will be good forever. And then the Universe pulls the rug out from under me and I have no choice but to leave and I lose everything and have to start over from scratch and I’m at the bottom, and it’s really lonely and depressing and hard. It’s easier to just stay at the bottom. It’s safer to have nothing.”

Me: Stay in that heart space… In what ways did it feel like the Universe took away your control over your career in the past?

Client: By sending me people or situations I had no control over. People who got to decide the fate of the business or me without my say. I just had to go along with it no matter how much I’d invested - which was always A LOT. I gave my whole self to my work, often at the expense of taking care of me. At least now I prioritize myself first.

Me: Now keeping your eyes closed. Find the part of you that is your essential Self. Or the Higher Self. The part that has perspective over all other parts and their separate beliefs and roles. What does your Higher Self want you to believe instead about work?

Client: (speaking from Higher Self) There is a contract for how much time you are meant to spend doing certain things in your life and when you complete that contract, it is time for you to move onto the next lesson/the next stage. This does not mean that you were doing anything wrong. It means that you’ve reached the end and it’s time for the next. There is a part of you that fights that because it is comfortable where it was. The deeper you knows that it is time for the next stage and so it is not a bad thing to be feared… surrender into the Intuitive Knowing when you reach those end points and when it is time to move on you will find more acceptance, you will stop fighting it and you will not see it as as a punishment. You will know that you are graduating to the next level.

Think of it as going from first grade to second grade. It does not mean that you’ve done something bad it just means it’s time to progress to the next stage. This is just a process of learning how to surrender and listen to your intuition.

You’ve been getting the card to trust your intuition. That is the lesson that you’re learning through this. The Universe tells you through the experiences and people that come when something is coming to a close and that you’ve reached the end of that grade so to speak. You will have a much easier transition when these times happen if you can trust and have faith that it is all meant for your good.

This will allow you to embrace what you perceive as the good times and the bad times and again this is just perception because it is all working together for your good. It is OK to mourn and grieve the transitions, it is a change, but it does not mean that you’re a failure it is just a graduation, and again the most important thing is to trust your intuition because it always tells you when it’s time to move.

Me: That’s really beautiful. How does that feel?

Client: (crying). It feels true and like a relief that I wasn’t somehow a failure. Or that the Universe was punishing me. It feels like the perspective shift I’ve needed.