I help driven humans navigate obstacles and reach your goals using intuition. It's time to F*cking ENJOY creating the relationships, biz, and life you crave.


you make intentional decisions by checking in with your own intuitive guidance. You lead with your mind AND your heart. You have deep meaningful relationships and serve others through your purpose, and you LOVE the journey just as much as the outcome.

All of this is possible for you.

You are the director of your universe, an unstoppable force, until...

a situation feels uncertain or uncontrollable.

Think… unexpected job loss or big work changes you didn't see coming.

Conflict with a partner, friend, or client crops up. You've been putting in your all, but if feels like they just keep throwing a wrench in the gears. Your tired of putting in more than you're getting.

Maybe you find yourself single after years of marriage or a long-term relationship. You had a whole life planned out and "wham!" it feels like you're back to square one.

Suddenly, your confidence wanes.

You lose your footing and start to feel off course.

Panic sets in. Anxiety, stress, overwhelm.

You start overthinking and overanalyzing everything until your brain feels like it might spiral off into the abyss and NOTHING makes sense anymore.


That feeling like you want to crawl into a dark cave and toss all your dreams aside.

“Farewell world, I will be spending the rest of my days as a hermit!”

UGHHH… Right??!

There IS a better way friend.

What if you could feel at ease and still on track with your career and relationships even during the uncertain moments when it seems you have no control.

Adding intuition to your toolbox helps you loosen your grip and RELEASE the fear and anxiety. Connecting to your inner guidance makes it possible to reach success in your business and life and actually F-ing ENJOY the process.

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"I work with you because you can help me see my blind spots in my business, so that I can grow faster, see better results and EVEN if things are not working as I hoped, I'll at least be confident that I'm doing all the right things.

Working with other coaches = listening to everyone else.
Working with you = listen to myself."

Ina, Harbor Member

What You'll Discover

🍃Practices to go within when anxiety and overwhelm start taking the wheel. Learn to find peace and clarity when you need it, get grounded, and listen to your intuitive nudges.

🍃How to use your inner guidance system to intuitively navigate obstacles smoothly. No more winging it or throwing spaghetti at the wall- trust that your path is the right one.

🍃How to take the pressure off and have FUN on this life journey. You can truly ENJOY the process of reaching your goals and finding sucess in business, relationships, and life by taking inspired action.

Ready to get started?

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My sessions with Kendra were a very different experience ... She has a way of reading people and understanding where they are in life, then provides helpful insight for where they could go.  She pushes just the right amount on areas of potential improvement and lays out a practical path to help move forward. At times I push right back, which usually ensues in laughter; but, ultimately I walk away with a lot to think about and a solid direction for the next steps of my journey.

D.K. Harbor Member

I started working with Kendra because my intuition called me to, but I wasn't quite sure if that was actually why. Turns out: yes it was! As a burgeoning tarot coach myself, knowing I can turn to Kendra for advice on business, spirituality, client relationships, and anything else that might be on my plate has taken a huge weight off my mind. She's approachable and down-to-earth while still being in tune with her higher self, which in turn aligns me with my highest self -- and keeps my Imposter Syndrome in check! I can't say enough nice things about Anchor Intuitive and Kendra, and I'm always impatiently waiting for my next session.

Mica R. Harbor Member

I didn’t really know what to expect... but Kendra was great and very easy to talk to. I felt more focused with each read and now I”m hooked. She’s a wonderful universe conduit and sounding board.

S.H. Harbor Member

Everything resonated with me and made me more calm about my future steps...I feel more grounded... I have a feeling how I should proceed and the information you gave me made me calmer on my path.

Patrycja, Poland

Super insightful, was 100% on point. Had a positive experience and would definitely recommend.

Sara, United States

I think you are doing amazing... this fit me and my situation exactly.

Chelsea, United Kingdom

Kendra was great with her guidance and coaching to help encourage me in the right direction."

Suzanne, United States

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