I want you to experience this powerful feeling of clarity and direction.


Kendra is down to earth and easy to talk to. She’s empathetic, highly intuitive, and practical with her approach. She listens, understands, is insightful, and gives inspiring and useful advice.

Crystal J.

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"Working with other coaches = listening to everyone else.
Working with you = listen to myself."

Ina, Former Harbor Member

What you'll learn

🍃How to use your inner guidance system to intuitively navigate the obstacles you encounter, guide your decisions around relationships, life and business, and address anxiety and overwhelm head-on. Overcome life's inevitable plot twists with more peace and TRUST.

🍃Build a powerful inner foundation of self-confidence and self-love to ride emotional waves with ease, heal from the past, and make better choices that align with the direction your intuition has been nudging.

🍃Create healthy boundaries with others and your energy. Learn to USE your voice and step into your power. No more push-over. No more people-pleasing. Time to get liberated.

🍃How to take the pressure off and have FUN on this life journey. You are meant to enjoy mastering business, relationships, and life by taking inspired action.

I remember wanting a bit of guidance because my internal compass seemed off. You are my "intuition realignment specialist."

-Staci H. Harbor Member

Get ready for transformation in any/all of the following specialty areas:

🍃Life, Purpose, and Relationships

Release the masks and baggage keeping you from being your playful, joyful, quirky self. 

Kick old outdated beliefs to the curb and put an end to the repeating cast of characters or plot lines that keep you stuck for good.

Build healthy relationships with partners, friends, family and business colleagues.

🍃Spiritual Growth

Explore and deepen your own spiritual beliefs and practices and relationship to God/Universe/Source.

Learn to co-create with Spirit to manifest your deepest desires.

Explore and expand your intuition and connection to your higher-self and support teams (spirit guides, ancestors, and angels).

🍃Business and Professional Success

Find success aligned with your energetic cycles, unique skills and talents.

Ensure your life is an act of service, where you give as much as you receive.

Set firm boundaries with others, your time, and your energy. 

Change your money story to attain your financial goals.

Why book a free consult call?

  • During the call, you can discuss your goals and expectations for coaching. What obstacles are you facing? Let's see if I am the right human to help you.

  • It's important to feel comfortable with your coach and to have good rapport. Expect laughter and play. Your situation is serious, but we don't have to take it too seriously. This is a place for curiosity and exploration.

  • Learn more about my experience, qualifications, and approach to coaching. You can ask any and all questions!

  • Get a real feel for the coaching process and how it might work for you. Consider this a test run to help you decide if coaching is right for you. 

Picture this...

you don't feel like there is an invisible wall stopping you anymore. You're free to go after your desires with joy and eagerness.

When you hear your intuition nudging you know how to listen and ACT.

You feel liberated in truly authentic relationships with partners, friends, and family. You serve others through your unique purpose, sharing your light with everyone you meet.

All of this is sooo possible for you.

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I started working with Kendra because my intuition called me to, but I wasn't quite sure if that was actually why. Turns out: yes it was! ... I can turn to Kendra for advice on business, spirituality, client relationships, and anything else that might be on my plate has taken a huge weight off my mind. She's approachable and down-to-earth while still being in tune with her higher self, which in turn aligns me with my highest self -- and keeps my Imposter Syndrome in check! I can't say enough nice things about Anchor Intuitive and Kendra, and I'm always impatiently waiting for my next session.

Mica R. Former Harbor Member

My sessions with Kendra were a very different experience ... She has a way of reading people and understanding where they are in life, then provides helpful insight for where they could go.  She pushes just the right amount on areas of potential improvement and lays out a practical path to help move forward. At times I push right back, which usually ensues in laughter; but, ultimately I walk away with a lot to think about and a solid direction for the next steps of my journey.

D.K. Former Harbor Member

Super insightful, was 100% on point. Had a positive experience and would definitely recommend.

Sara, United States

I think you are doing amazing... this fit me and my situation exactly.

Chelsea, United Kingdom

Kendra was great with her guidance and coaching to help encourage me in the right direction."

Suzanne, United States



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