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VOYAGE: Intuitive Life Coaching Package

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ANCHORED: 60 min/Intuitive Reading & Coaching Session


TIDE: Intuitive Reading/Written


Kendra...I cannot thank you enough. Your reading gave me goosebumps and tears. It resonated thru my bones and heart. I absolutely love your format- you did it your way and with the cards you feel at one with. This is such a beautiful intuitive reading that helps guide me in the right direction. You have given me a tremendous gift.

Byron, United States

Everything resonated with me and made me more calm about my future steps. You answered all of my questions, and even more.  I feel more grounded after the reading – I have a feeling how I should proceed and the information you gave me made me calmer on my path.

Patrycja, Poland

I think you are doing amazing... this fit me and my situation exactly. I loved how you knew that I just needed this confirmation because I really did this reading was the last thing I was waiting on to make my decision so thank you very much I really appreciate it.

Chelsea, United Kingdom

Kendra took all my questions... which gave me a bigger overview of what the future holds, a more forward motion instead of getting stuck in what is going on at the moment.  I feel hopeful and more proactive.  Thank you

Ingrid, United Kingdom

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