"Kendra was great with her guidance and coaching to help encourage me in the right direction."
Suzanne, United States

"I knew I need to focus on myself right now and when it came in the reading I was so happy and felt a relief...I appreciate everything, specially the advice because it is very important to move forward and clear the confusion."
Khushi, India

"My questions were completely answered in a way I can understand to help me get through my next cycle.  I feel like giving me the advice of positive thinking and gratitude will help me throughout my life in getting further where I want to be."
Veronica, United States

"Kendra was comprehensive with me and responded to my question and even more. She also was able to make me see my situation from another point of view and calm me down a little about what future can hold for me. The best part for me was the fact that Kendra was capable to give me some hope that I am able to write my own story. Before... I had none. Kendra is a person that tells you what she need to say in a soothing way and you feel understood. I felt Kendra hugged my soul. I am truly grateful for her."
Vanessa, Portugal

Kendra is very kind and honest I like that about her energy. Thank you Kendra kindly for all you have done I sincerely appreciate all your hard work and stay healthy and well.”
Hayat, Sudan

“This really highlighted the value of the relationship this far, and confirmed what I already believed to be true. Much appreciated!”
Shanony, United States

"I appreciate that before Kendra started the reading, she took the effort to connect and go through the question with me. She also offered to provide additional answers on related topics. As a result, her reading was very empowering. She completely understood what I was going through and provided answers that were relevant.”
Minnie, Thailand

"Kendra was absolutely on point, even going to the extent of gathering additional info beforehand.  The reading was incredibly reassuring and caringly written and Kendra went to the effort of pulling additional cards to clarify and give me insights that I can work with to bring on new perspectives (so helpful!). I hope it’s not a “cop out” but I genuinely don’t have any improvement suggestions, Kendra far exceeded my hopes for what I would receive from this experience."
Katherine, Australia

"I cannot thank you enough. Your reading gave me goosebumps and tears. It resonated thru my bones and heart. I absolutely Love your format — you did it your way and with the cards, you feel at one with. This is such a beautiful intuitive reading that helps guide me in the right direction. You have given me a tremendous gift. Also insight on how I will do readings from now on. Keep doing what you are doing, it feels so authentic. Thank you, thank you again..!"
Byron, United States

"Dear Kendra, not only you are an awesome tarot reader but a great human being too with a profound understanding of relationships..."
Rahul, British Indian Ocean Territory

"Kendra’s comments resonated with me, especially as they have been said before... It was a good reminder of my role and how I can model, to be “a model of safe travels." Kendra’s reading was insightful and reassuring, and very accurate. It was a good reminder to do what I know to do, but had forgotten... it was timely, intuitive, accurate, and reassuring."
Helen, New Zealand

 "As Kendra mentioned... I am intuitive and know the steps to take in the relationship and the reading has given me that confirmation...the clear and precise manner in which Kendra gave the reading makes it easy to understand...I now have confirmation and know that we are on the right path."
Caroline, United Kingdom

“I absolutely loved this reading it was so clear and to the point.  This reading showed me what needs to be worked on and it also showed me what’s working perfectly.  I loved how you added additional cards that did help a lot.  What you’re doing is perfect!!”
Lorrane, United States

"Thank you so much it actually helped me let go of something I was holding onto."
Roda, Canada

"You are really friendly and try to make sure you get the right question and reading for what I wanted. You were clear and concise with your answers.  I feel there's no tip to be given. You use your instinct, you can’t go wrong with that.  I realized I can take the time I need to make sure I make the right choice."
Zoe, United Kingdom

"...everything resonated with me and made me more calm about my future steps. You answered all of my questions, and even more.  I feel more grounded... I have a feeling how I should proceed and the information you gave me made me calmer on my path. Thank you for extending the reading topic according to my issue – this really helped as all the aspects touched by you were connected with each other – You gave me a bigger picture than I expected and that dedication to the client makes me want to have a reading from you again.  I loved your lovely attitude and dedication... Your approach made me feel like you really focus on each client, which creates the sense of being listened to and analyzed in the best way possible.”
Patrycja, Poland