“I can’t ask for help, I have to figure it out all by myself” is a trauma response.

If you felt like you didn’t have support during difficult times of life, especially growing up, you may have formed a belief that you have to go it alllllll alone.

This mixed with cultural messages about independence and success - picture “the self-made millionaire.”

Makes sense right? But if you unpack that a little, HOW can anyone be totally 100% self-made? We all need others to achieve our goals and dreams.

The thing is… as an adult, there ARE people available to support you when you need it. 👋

And something magical happens when you finally reach out and say, “hey, I’d like a hand with this. The tools I have aren’t working, can you help me get some new ones??”

Momentum starts the second you reach out and ASK.

The Universe starts conspiring to help you- sending you the right people.

Simply KNOWING that you WILL be supported is super powerful.

Suddenly a little hope and faith starts to build. Even before you meet with a mentor, coach, therapist, or trusted friend.

Your energy shifts into “potential” and “curiosity.”

Away from lack, scarcity, and disempowerment.

And when your energy shifts, your dreams become possible.

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