All these social media pages full of spiritual woo woo that totally discount the fact that we are humans with human emotions make me gag a bit.

If consuming it leaves you feeling less than because you have sh*t days or sh*t weeks or months, stop following it.

Humanity is raw and it is real.

Grief is real.

Depression is real.

Anxiety is real.

Down days happen and that’s OK 👏

You are a soul having a human f*cking experience.

You came here to experience it all.

There are lessons in the rough stuff you wouldn’t learn if everything was all light and love and escaping the 3D all that nonsense promoted by people who are bypassing the world we live in.

There is hope. There is beauty. There is so much good stuff you will have and BE.

But give yourself some slack and keep your expectations grounded.

Keep moving forward and on the days when you need to rest because it all becomes too much take a f*cking rest.

You got this ❤️