After years of schooling and 2 degrees in Sociology and Sustainability I was READY to be a grown up. Ready to have an adult job and make ADULT $.

My plan was find the big fancy job serving people and stay there. Period.

My intuition started pulling me back to my hometown, even though that had never been my desire. When I left for the big city I’d had zero intention of coming Home.

But the pull was strong and I trusted it.

I found myself living back at my parents searching unsuccessfully for any job that fit my specific skill set.

In a moment of desperation I asked God to help. To show me why I was here and where I was meant to go.

Soon after as I sat at breakfast reading the parents newspaper an article JUMPED out at me. I felt it in my body. THIS IS IT.

A local non-profit organization serving families of low-incomes I’d never heard of was having an event for a community garden program.

I literally dropped to the floor and said some big thank you’s to the Universe. That was my sign and I knew it without any doubt.

I called Monday morning and sure enough they had a position opening in a few months to oversee the garden program. I applied and I got it.

Here’s the kicker.. it was an AmeriCorps VISTA (volunteers in service to America) job so essentially I was a paid volunteer making minimum wage. Not exactly the big bucks I’d had in mind.

But I trusted and a year later was hired on as an actual real employee, making actual dollars. It was my dream job at the time and I’ll forever be grateful for how it all came together.

What’s that saying… “When we plan God laughs?” Something like that. It’s a good reminder to move in the direction intuition leads, but leave the details to Spirit.