ANCHORED: 60 min. Intuitive Coaching Session

ANCHORED: 60 min. Intuitive Coaching Session

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Are you ready to remove the burden of trying to figure it out all on your own? Let's chat and get you on the path to peace of mind. I can help you tap into a higher perspective and get the messages you most need to hear. This session blends down to earth coaching and an intuitive reading to give you well rounded guidance. 

Integrating coaching with intuitive readings into this offering gives you the messages you need as well as the ability to dive deep to uncover limiting beliefs, shift your perspective, and move into clarity about how you want to take the information received and move forward.

I do not do medical, legal, physical health or third party readings.  

Have questions before you commit? Looking for on-going support? No problem, let's connect! Contact me HERE

Focus: Purpose/Career/Relationships

Upon check-out you will receive a confirmation email with a link to schedule the time and date of your choice with your preferred method (video (global) phone call (US only) or in-person (Helena, MT, US) 

"Kendra was comprehensive with me and responded to my question and even more. She also was able to make me see my situation from another point of view and calm me down a little about what future can hold for me. The best part for me was the fact that Kendra was capable to give me some hope that I am able to write my own story. Before the reading I had none. Kendra is a person that tells you what she need to say in a soothing way and you feel understood. I felt Kendra hugged my soul. I am truly grateful for her."
Vanessa, Portugal

Hi! I'm Kendra and I'm an Intuitive Coach. I provide intuitive reading & coaching sessions to empower YOU to make decisions for your highest good and help you navigate challenges you face. I use a holistic approach to address all aspects of you including; emotions and belief systems, behaviors, and spirituality.