HARBOR: Monthly Subscription Intuitive Life Coaching

HARBOR: Monthly Subscription Intuitive Life Coaching

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Has your inner compass felt off lately?

Let's get that sucker turned back on and allll the way up so you can JOYFULLY reach your goals in relationships, business, and life. 

Goodbye overthinking, anxiety, and overwhelm.

Harbor is a monthly intuitive coaching subscription that will help you connect to your inner wisdom, see your blind spots, uncover limiting beliefs, and chart a path to get what you want.

Navigate obstacles around love, career, and purpose with ease. 
Clear your blocks, reconnect to YOUR intuition, and start making aligned decisions to master your life. 

Harbor was designed to take the pressure OFF.  No hefty price tag and time constraints like typical coaching packages. Meet monthly for as long as you feel called and want support.  

Cancel anytime. 

This container is flexible and uniquely tailored to YOUR goals.

We'll have an initial intake session to dive deep into EXACTLY what you want, where you are blocked, and HOW to get you where you want to go in work, relationships, and life.

Throughout our time together you will learn the tools to tap in to YOUR inner GPS to find success WITHOUT all the unnecessary worry and stress. 

  • Develop practices to go within to get clarity 

  • Navigate seasons of uncertainty by using your intuition to guide you through

  • Build the inner foundation of self-confidence to ride the waves with ease and make aligned choices

  • Learn to actually F-ing ENJOY the journey to get to your goal

We'll meet up to 2 times per month, with unlimited chat and email in between.  Sessions will focus on your goals and the challenges you are facing in the moment.  I include down to earth coaching as well as intuitive reads for extra guidance upon your request. Swap any session for an in-depth written intuitive reading report. 

  • Monthly Subscription Plan that auto-renews every 30 days for your convenience

  • Book up to Two (2) 60-minute personalized Intuitive Coaching sessions per month. Select a regular schedule, book as needed, or choose your dates at the beginning of each month. YOU decide what schedule works best for you.

  • Email and Voxer/DM support. Check in between sessions as needed.

  • Exclusive content, resources, tips and recommendations.

  • Receive a complimentary personalized Energy Reading for the year sent straight to your in-box each January.

  • Cancel anytime. View Harbor Contract.

If this all sounds good to you please ensure we've had a chance to chat before you subscribe.  Book an intro session to test out the waters or apply directly for Harbor now.

"I work with you because you can help me see my blind spots in my business, so that I can grow faster, and see better results and EVEN if things are not working as I hoped, I'll at least be confident that I'm doing all the right things.  Working with other coaches = listening to everyone else.  Working with you = listen to myself."
-Ina C. Harbor Member

”I didn’t really know what to expect... but Kendra was great and very easy to talk to. I felt more focused with each read and now I’m hooked. She’s a wonderful universe conduit and sounding board.”

-S.H. Harbor Member

”I’ve dabbled with tarot readings and intuitive readers before, more so as a source of entertainment or inspiration. My sessions with Kendra were a very different experience though. She has a way of reading people and understanding where they are in life, then provides helpful insight for where they could go. She pushes just the right amount on areas of potential improvement and lays out a practical path to move forward. At times I push right back, which usually ensues in laughter; but, ultimately I walk away with a lot to think about and a solid direction for the next steps of my journey.”
-D.K. Harbor Member 

Hi! I'm Kendra and I'm an Intuitive Coach. I provide intuitive life coaching to empower YOU to make decisions for your highest good and help you navigate challenges you face. I use a holistic approach to address all aspects of you including; emotions and belief systems, behaviors, and spirituality. I help purpose driven people loosen their grip and ENJOY successfully growing their careers, relationships, and life.